This site focuses on wholesale medical id jewelry, does not accept retail,
We can provide a minimum order of 5pcs for distributors all over the world and start their medical id jewelry store!
The minimum order quantity for each product is 5pcs. It will be a new start for distributing medical id jewelry, allowing you to purchase more styles with the same funds. A new distribution model is now open!
How to order:
First of all: you need to register an account and fill in the complete information as much as possible!
After completing the registration, you can send an email to:
Provide your member account ID
And explain why you want to become a wholesale member!
If you have a website or store, you can provide a link or store picture!
We will then review your account information. After approval is complete, we will send you an email!
Then you can start wholesale medical alert bracelets online!
For more questions, please visit the FAQ page!

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